‘’I’m just a storyteller, and the cinema happens to be my medium. I like it because it recreates life in movement, enlarges it, enhances it, distills it. For me, it’s far closer to the miraculous creation of life than, say, a painting or music or even literature. It’s not just an art form; it’s actually a new form of life, with its own rhythms, cadences, perspectives and transparencies. It’s my way of telling a story.’’

– Federico Fellini

What touches our hearts the most? The beauty of our surroundings, our sincerest emotions… the undeniably uniqueness of the moment? From the earliest of times, people have documented their lives through paintings, photos and ultimately with film. Growing up and traveling throughout Europe, around all of the amazing architecture and beautiful landscapes, one can not be anything but inspired and driven to reproduce, recreate these inspirations in their own medium. This is how Life.Film was born. It was a beautiful night in Rome, where a group of friends were celebrating life. These visual artists loved to travel and they loved to record everything, they were so blessed to observe. They appreciated the European culture, the paintings, the music, the food, the people, and the films. For them, Federico Fellini was an idol. They found their true love, to capture moments and tell their stories.

It became abundantly clear to them one day…what if we created a production company dedicated to record ones life, without masks, without “Instagram” filters? Solely dedicated to the pure, honest, and beautiful side of life. All done with a new and artistic approach, derived from all of our worldly travels. The idea touched our hearts and minds to such a degree, that in a few days, we were already putting together a plan.

In the beginning we focused on small events, fun occasions such as birthdays. People loved our unique style, commenting that they looked at their life from an after the fact point of view. They loved the behind the scene approach, and then we got a request to shoot a wedding. At first, we were surprised, yet excited about this new arena. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that you can’t reshoot. You want to capture everything, but in such a way that it relays all the joy and happiness the day was intended to convey.

Our reputation and experience grew throughout Europe, so we decided to move our operations to the United States. America had its challenges, but it also came with many new opportunities. We settled on Los Angeles, as it was the film capital of the world… and of course the weather is beautiful year round, which provides amazing natural light, perfect for out door shoots. After several years of hard work, we broke through and are now considered one of the premier photography companies in California. We have captured weddings, bar/bat mitzvah’s, engagements, and holiday celebrations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and have expanded to include New York City.

We are very proud of our work and our clients echo this sentiment. Life.Film is experienced, prepared, professional, and ready to film and/or photograph your next special event. No event is to big or to small. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We know you’ll see the integrity, artistry, love and care we put into every project we do.

Our Photography Style

Taking pictures it’s not only about making beautiful images is about saving the moment and preserving it for future!
Life.FIlm’s photography style is all about moments and emotions, all about client’s personality and human relationships.
Photography it’s like hunting- you should be always up for an action and in the same time to be merged with the environment! Only in this case you could get really fascinating images!
Our images document the beauty of the real world, there is no fake poses and emotions, just pure reality.
The key is constant observing- that what makes our photos so touching!

Our Videography Style

Our main goal is to create Documentary video about your life- how it is- that’s why we focus on real dialogs, emotional moments and just real life episodes.
Our documentary starts before the Big Day. Together with couple we plan the pre-wedding video shooting- the idea is always based on your real life- it might be just a casual walk on the beach, buying a wedding dress, romantic ride on a boat, golfing and other fun stuff you guys life to do together.
On the wedding day our team is very details oriented and trying to catch every moment and record every dialog- because that’s what makes the video valuable!

We don’t produce cheesy films, we create a documentary cinema with artistic style.

Each our our film is very personal and unique. They all are the reflections of our clients life!